You go to Netflix to watch movies right ?

Well with 360FLIX you’re the star in your own 360 magical movie…

The 360FLIX video booth luxury experience is an exciting, fun, memorable moment that will last a lifetime.

Guest stand on the 360FLIX automatic platform, and 3..2..1. GO!  Designed to rotate a camera/arm in a circular 360 motion around you, family & friends, amazing hi resolution, slow motion video is captured from all angles giving you a whole 360FLIX! In real time seconds the software produces custom overlays, effects, animation & music. 

A fun amazing video that’s immediately sent in seconds via text/email or Social Media with Instant Download.

Our guest love the 360FLIX video booth experience & talk about it for weeks even months!
Call us ay and let’s take your special occasion to the next level!